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CIMC Logistics Develops Strategic Layout of Energy Logistics Market and Opens a New Chapter of LNG Energy & Chemical Multimodal Transport



Recently, the signing ceremony for CIMC Modern Logistics Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC Logistics") to build CIMC Energy Logistics (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC Energy Logistics") was held in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. This cooperation will promote CIMC Logistics to realize the development of energy and chemical logistics by reorganizing QiangSheng Chemical related logistics companies.

CIMC Logistics: Actively explore innovative solutions of new energy transportation, and build the capability of energy and chemical multimodal transport system

In recent years, CIMC continues to focus on the LNG industry chain layout and adhere to the LNG clean energy strategy. Its LNG equipment takes the leading position in the industry, with many advantages such as environmental protection, safety, intelligence and economical efficiency. As one of the most important new energy sources in the future, LNG is rewriting the world energy pattern. Relying on the logistics equipment resources of CIMC, CIMC Logistics actively integrates the advantages of logistics services, grasps the development opportunities of LNG, and gradually builds the capability of energy and chemical multimodal transport system.

On the basis of complying with the development opportunities of the industry and carrying on the LNG development strategy of CIMC, CIMC Logistics focuses on establishing the CIMC Energy Logistics (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd by relying on its own resource advantages of multimodal transport and integrating the superior chemical logistics enterprises in South China.

This cooperation will help CIMC Logistics improve the qualification license in the field of energy resource transportation, build a transportation team and system in energy and chemical industry, and explore the multimodal transport market of LNG tank container. CIMC Logistics will start with LNG tank container transportation to layout the energy logistics market, gradually build a LNG tank container multimodal transport system, and provide the logistics solution of "one tank container goes from the beginning to the end".

Actively energize and develop regional logistics coordination, build the Pingxiang Comprehensive Logistics Park, and help local industry upgrade

CIMC Logistics has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the local government of Pingxiang in Jiangxi Province. Relying on actively implanting its own capacity and resources and fully integrating the industrial conditions in the surrounding areas of Jiangxi, such as intelligent manufacturing, energy, resources, electricity, porcelain and other industrial development bases and transportation location advantages, CIMC Logistics will give full play to its advantages in multimodal transport and logistics park to build a logistics park in Pingxiang. This move will further reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency, create a good development environment for the logistics industry, enhance the development level of the regional logistics industry, and promote the upgrading of local industries. It will also promote regional logistics and other local industries to achieve cluster linkage, enhance the competitiveness of the linkage of local industrial clusters, improve regional logistics efficiency, and realize the common development of local industrial economy and regional logistics.